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  • "During World War II, it was able to successfully defend its freedom and resist invasions by the Soviet Union - albeit with some loss of territory. In the subsequent half century, the Finns made a remarkable transformation from a farm/forest economy to a diversified modern industrial economy; per capita income is now on par with Western Europe. A member of the European Union since 1995, Finland was the only Nordic state to join the euro system at its initiation in January 1999."
  • Embass of Finland, in Washington D.C.


  • Finn Diary, from washington post
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    Father's Love Letter in Finnish

    "Fahter's Love Letter in Finnish / Liebesbrief des Vaters in Finnisch. An intimate life changing message from God to You. Experience the father love of God.rnFather's Love Letter used by permission Father Heart Communications rnCopyright 1999-2005"
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  • 15,000 people find Jesus in Finnish Revival, By Michael Ireland Chief Correspondent, ASSIST News Service Wednesday, January 7, 2009

  • "FINLAND (ANS) -- The Finnish town of Nokia, 15 kilometers west of Tampere, is home to one of the world's leading cell phone companies. But what is less known is that over the past 18 years an estimated 15,000 people have encountered Jesus in the so-called 'Nokia Revival.'
    Rev. Markku Koivisto
    According to Joel News International (JNI) the Nokia Revival dates to 1991 when Lutheran vicar Markku Koivisto was miraculously healed from terminal cancer.
    JNI cites a report from German news agency Idea which says that over the past 18 years 15,000 people have found Jesus through the Nokia Revival, thousands have been healed, and numerous church cell groups have been planted. Sunday meetings are still drawing up to 6,000 people.
    JNI reports that one day, when Koivisto was about to leave for the hospital, a visiting Pentecostal preacher from Australia called and said God had awakened him three times during the night telling him to "go pray for the Lutheran vicar."
    The vicar was theologically anti-charismatic and declined the offer, but the Australian insisted, and in the end Koivisto was prayed for and anointed with oil. He was not healed instantly, but during the ensuing medical treatment the doctors repeatedly testified to "astonishing recoveries," and the vicar reviewed his theology, the JNI report states.
    "I started getting together with a few people to pray for the sick, and within months there were hundreds of people attending," Koivisto said. "I was really taken by surprise. I felt like a spectator in the theater."
    JNI reports: "The hundreds quickly grew to thousands. In the secularized and scarcely populated European north, a crowd of this size at a church service is exceptional. The Finnish population totals 5 million, with only 10 percent attending any kind of church service each month."
    JNI explains that in 2001 Koivisto clashed with the Lutheran Church and was forced to quit his vicar's job, following reports about controversial occurrences such as gold dust falling in the parish church vestry and oil dripping from the hands of ministry team members.
    It adds: "Although these things were rather exceptional than common, as the focus of the meetings was firmly on salvation and healing, it led to a separation of ways. The Nokia Revival continued as 'Nokia Mission', an independent non-denominational ministry network with groups in Tampere, Kokkola and Helsinki. Last year it was turned into a denomination called 'Nokia Mission Church.'"


    Gospel Riders Finland EMC Rally Keuruud

    "EMC Rally in Finland 2006 Keuruu 2006."


  • Info Please

  • "The first inhabitants of Finland were the Sami (Lapp) people. When Finnish speakers migrated to Finland in the first millennium B.C., the Sami were forced to move northward to the arctic regions, with which they are traditionally associated. The Finns' repeated raids on the Scandinavian coast impelled Eric IX, the Swedish king, to conquer the country in 1157. It was made a part of the Swedish kingdom and converted to Christianity.
    By 1809 the whole of Finland was conquered by Alexander I of Russia, who set up Finland as a grand duchy. The period of Russification (1809�1914) sapped Finnish political power and made Russian the country's official language. When Russia became engulfed by the March Revolution of 1917, Finland seized the opportunity to declare independence on Dec. 6, 1917.
    The USSR attacked Finland on Nov. 30, 1939, after Finland refused to give in to Soviet territorial demands. The Finns staged a strong defense for three months before being forced to cede the Soviets 16,000 sq mi (41,440 sq km). Under German pressure, the Finns joined the Nazis against Russia in 1941, but they were defeated again and forced to cede the Petsamo area to the USSR. In 1948, a treaty of friendship and mutual assistance was signed by the two nations. Finland continued to pursue a foreign policy of nonalignment throughout the cold-war era."

  • Wikipedia

  • "Previously part of Sweden and from 1809 an autonomous Grand Duchy within the Russian Empire, Finland declared its independence in 1917. Today, Finland is a democratic, parliamentary republic and has been a member state of the United Nations since 1955 and the European Union since 1995."


    Lasten lauluja

    "Helsinki Finland 1985"

    Clip from the recording ot Muutos-movie from Finland

    "This clip is from Keuruu where I and Leena were recording scene for Muutos-movie.
    \r\nPlease visit to know more about the movie."


    Travel Guide - Finland

    " presents...A helpful travel guide if you're planning on visiting Finland. "

  • Lonely Planet

  • "Finland is for the most part a quiet land, where a ramshackle cottage by a lake and a properly stoked sauna is all that's required for happiness. It's a vast expanse of forests and lakes and more forests, punctuated by towns full of people who are genuinely surprised to see tourists.
    During the months of the midnight sun, coastal regions are a sailing and fishing paradise. Inland, the largest unspoilt wilderness in Europe attracts thousands of trekkers every year. In the south, the capital Helsinki is a paradise for lovers of art and architecture."

  • Visit Finland

  • "Looking for space, fresh air, stimulating cultural events and exciting activities? You have arrived at exactly the right place. Finland�s seasonal contrasts and pristine natural environment provide the setting for a dazzling and inspiring variety of adventures and new experiences. The easy way to travel, with a wide selection of travel packages from many tour operators, click on the Travel Offers for more information. To book, please contact your travel agent or the service provider directly."

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