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*Special E-mail Forward from Canadian Brother (Tom) in Christ

From : Tom
Sent : Friday, June 6, 2003 4:11 PM
To : saldapal@
Subject : Fwd: Fw: Canada Jokes

Hi Sal,
You definitely know that Canadians & Americans use a few different words and expressions from each other. Well here's something that may be a little different from what you're used to hearing. I have another thing like this which I will email to you right after. Tom W.

Subject: Fw: Canada Jokes

Canada Jokes 25 Signs Showing You Might be Canadian

1. You're not offended by the term "HOMO MILK".
2. You understand the phrase "Could you pass me a serviette, I just dropped my poutine, on the chesterfield."
3. You eat chocolate bars, not candy bars.
4. You drink Pop, not Soda.
5. You know what a Mickey and 2-4 m?..
6. You don't care about the fuss with Cuba. It's a cheap place to go for your holidays, with good cigars and no Americans.
7. You know that a pike is a type of fish, not part of a highway.
8. You drive on a highway, not a freeway.
9. You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.
10. You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group.
11. You get excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.
12. You brag to Americans that: Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion & many more, are Canadians.
13. You know that the C.E.O. of American Airlines is a Canadian!
14. You know what a touque is.
15. You design your Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
16. You know that the last letter of the English alphabet is always pronounced "Zed" not "Zee"
17. Your local newspaper covers the national news on 2 pages,but requires 6 pages for hockey.
18. You know that the four seasons mean: almost winter, winter, still winter, and road work.
19. You know that when it's 25 degrees outside, it's a warm day.
20. You understand the Labatt Blue commercials.
21. You know how to pronounce and spell "Saskatchewan". (Sas-Kat-chew-wan)
22. You perk up when you hear the theme song from 'Hockey Night in Canada'.
23. You were in grade 12, not the 12th grade.
24. "Eh?" is a very important part of your vocabulary, and is more polite than,"Huh?"
25. You actually understand these jokes, and forward them to all of your Canadian friends!!!! and then you send them to your American friends just to confuse them...further (hehe)

U.S. International Students Traveling to Canada?

Reed College International Programs
"Travel to Canada
The U.S. and Canada have a very long, common border and students often use vacation periods to visit our neighbor to the North. You may need a visa for travel to Canada, and you should check with the IPO before you take a trip there. Visas can take 2 weeks or more to be issued. You will also need a signed I-20, your passport, and a valid F-1 visa for re-entry into the United States. For brief visits to Canada it should not be necessary to surrender the I-94 departure card. Let the officer at the border or airline official know that your visit is brief and that you will be returning to school in the United States.

Applying for U.S. Visa, from Yale
"It can take as long as three weeks to get an appointment so plan ahead. You will most likely need the letter confirming your appointment to enter the Consulate or Embassy. When making the appointment, be sure to inquire about processing times, as some visa applications may require overnight processing
BEING GRANTED AN APPOINTMENT DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT A VISA WILL BE ISSUED. Applicants for F-1 or J-1 visa will be asked to prove that they don�t have the intention of immigrating to the U.S. Individuals seeking appointments should be aware that applicants may be more likely to encounter difficulties when applying for a visa outside of their home country. "

Canadian Immigration Consultants
Do You Want to Visit Canada?, from Canada
Immigration to Canada, from immigration expert

Recommended Resources





  • CIA Factbook
  • Global-Multicultural


  • Government of Canada
  • Maps

  • Canada Maps

  • World Atlas
  • Media


  • Canadian TV
  • Military

    *see Religious: Islam, Muslim, Qu'ran/Koran, Allah, Mohammed, etc...

    Banned by PBS: Muslims Against Jihad - Part 6

    "FOX News Channel presents the documentary the Public Broadcasting System didn't want you to see. It's a film about the difference between moderate Muslims and the radicals who want to kill us. It asks where are the moderate Muslims and why aren't they speaking out against the"
    *see Issues : Rejected, Stood-up, etc. ....



  • The Life Center in Cambridge ON N1R 7L1

  • Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 11:47:13 -0500 (EST)
    From: Ryan

    "We are moving to Cambridge to help plant a church with Ryan's former youth pastor, Sam Sibley. We are very excited about it, and we know we'll enjoy the new opportunities we'll have in Cambridge. Also, we hope that you will come and visit us when you get a chance! Take care and keep in touch! Love, Teresa
    a UMM 03' Alumn
    Light and Life Ministries Toronto, Canada

    "Shadrach ministers in one of the largest churches in Canada. Light and Life Ministries is in the heart of Toronto the capital of Canada. Shadrach minister of the importance of christians being 'Born Again'. Be Blessed!"


  • Info Please

  • "The first inhabitants of Canada were native Indian peoples, primarily the Inuit (Eskimo). The Norse explorer Leif Eriksson probably reached the shores of Canada (Labrador or Nova Scotia) in 1000, but the history of the white man in the country actually began in 1497, when John Cabot, an Italian in the service of Henry VII of England, reached Newfoundland or Nova Scotia. Canada was taken for France in 1534 by Jacques Cartier. The actual settlement of New France, as it was then called, began in 1604 at Port Royal in what is now Nova Scotia; in 1608, Quebec was founded."
  • Wikipedia

  • "The name Canada comes from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, meaning "village" or "settlement." In 1535, inhabitants of the present-day Quebec City region used the word to direct explorer Jacques Cartier toward the village of Stadacona.[6] Cartier used the word 'Canada' to refer to not only that village, but the entire area subject to Donnacona, Chief at Stadacona. By 1545, European books and maps began referring to this region as Canada...
    Canadian culture has historically been influenced by British, French, and Aboriginal cultures and traditions. It has also been influenced by American culture because of its proximity and migration between the two countries. American media and entertainment are popular if not dominant in English Canada; conversely, many Canadian cultural products and entertainers are successful in the US and worldwide.[70] Many cultural products are marketed toward a unified "North American" or global market."


    *see Bible

  • Canada * Journal 1976, 1988, 2000, from The Official Website of Arthur Blessitt

  • "I carried the cross into Canada from New Hampshire on to Magog and then to Waterloo before reaching Montreal. From there I carried the cross to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. My dear friend Aden Sowell from Florida joined me for part of the walk. He was a great help to me and we had wonderful fellowship together. We have remained friends for many years.
    In the late spring of 1976, I carried the cross from the U.S.-Canadian border to Montreal, then on to Ottawa. Each day I would walk, then at night I would leave the cross some place, hitch a ride back to my old van where I would sleep. The next day I would drive up to the cross and walk again. It was cold, windy and rainy as I came into the beautiful city of Montreal. The Montreal Canadians had won the Stanley Cup and this was the day they would be welcomed home by the city. Crowds lined the streets, cheering and waving. No one spoke to me as I eased my way with the cross through the masses of people. I preached at a square in the City Center with crowds all around, but no one was listening.
    In the City Center I saw a big church across from the square. I needed a place to leave my cross. Cold and wet, I approached the church, looked inside and saw a big wooden cross, about the same size as the cross I was carrying. There was a big banner across the front of the church that proclaimed, "Hallelujah!"
    I walked back outside, looked around and saw a side door. When I knocked at the door, a lady opened it and some ministers were in the room behind her. I explained what I was doing and asked if I could leave my cross at the church overnight. She turned to the minister and I saw him shake his head 'no.'
    Arthur on the road with the cross
    "I'm sorry," she said. "But we wouldn't be able to do that. " She started to close the door but I insisted. "Please, it's just a cross. I'm not asking for money or anything, just a place to put the cross." She turned and whispered to the minister. "We can't just keep everything people want to leave here." "But, it's a cross," I said, shaking in the cold. I could hardly believe my ears. I said, "Just be careful you don't pass Jesus by if He ever comes looking for a place to stay or a place to leave His cross."
    I picked up the cross and walked back into the celebrating crowds and looked at the tall church steeple. Tears flowed down my cheeks as the cross was ignored and rejected. A black man tapped me on the shoulder as I stood waiting for the light to change. He spoke with an accent. He had remembered me carrying the cross in Nairobi, Kenya, his home. He remembered the big crowds looking at the cross there, and here he was shocked to see everyone passing it by. He was on his way to the airport but he held me in his arms and we prayed together, as he was a strong believer. I felt his love so real as I walked on down St. Catherine Street and remembered his smile in my beloved Africa.
    After awhile, I saw a very short lady, like a midget, coming straight at me. She was dressed in an old dress with a torn coat. "Mister, God sent me to lay hands on you and to pray for you." "What do you mean?" I asked and bent down to her. "I was in my house and God gave me a vision and showed me a man carrying the cross down the sidewalk, and He told me to come down to St. Catherine Street, and I am to lay hands on this man and bless him. Would you please kneel so I can put my hands on your head?" Her love was overwhelming. I got on my knees and said, "Ma'am, you sure can lay hands on me," as she lay her little hands on my head and prayed with great power. Tears flowed down my cheeks as she finished by saying, "There, now. I've done my job. You keep walking with that cross." I stood and looked at her gentle face, old in years, yet radiant. Her hands were rough from hard work. "Well," I said. "God has told you to come and lay hands on me and now I feel Him telling me to give you all the money in my pocket. God told me everything, so here it is." She then began to weep and told me how much she needed the money for food. We both were crying and praying as she walked off into the crowds.
    I started back down the sidewalk and as I neared a residential area and a park, a beautiful young girl, about 16 years old, came rushing up. She had long blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She looked me straight in the eyes. "You're the most beautiful man I've ever seen in my life. There is a glow around your whole face." I was amazed as she handed me a flower. I put down the cross and leaned against it. "I'm an atheist,' she said. “What are you doing with that cross? " "An atheist?" I smiled. "You are the third most spiritual person I've talked to all day. One black man, a midget and you."
    I told her my story of carrying the cross and how the church had turned me away from leaving it there over night. She kept asking questions. Finally she asked, "Where are you going now?"
    I told her I was looking for a place to leave my cross so I could return and get my van.
    "Oh," she said. "You can leave it at our house just around the corner from here."
    I left the cross in the family living room and walked for hours, most of the way back to my van, only getting a ride when I was near it.
    The next morning I drove back to Montreal and parked outside her house. She gave me breakfast and as I was about to leave, I asked her to let me pray. "I know you don't believe, but I do. So let me pray for you. If there is no God it won't hurt." "Oh, yes," she said. "Last night it felt so good with your cross in the house. I put a blanket under the cross and slept there. Please pray."
    We prayed together and she opened her heart to Jesus. What an experience. Uninterested crowds, non Jesus like church people, a black man from Kenya, a midget lady, and an atheist girl who turned to Jesus. Praise God, what a day!
    A very sophisticated type lady stopped her car. She rolled down her window just a bit and called, "Young man did you ever go to school?"
    "I sure did,"I grinned.
    "Well, what grade did you finish?"
    "Oh--I graduated from high school."
    "Isn't that wonderful?" Then she added condescendingly, "But I suppose that is all the education you ever had, wasn't it?"
    "No, I went on through college and attended seminary for a while."
    The lady raised her eyebrows and looked at me a moment "Well, couldn't you get a better job than this!"

    *see Movies: The Passion, Crucification, Easter, Resurrection, etc..


  • The Official K'NAAN Website

  • myspace site
    K'naan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "..born Keinan Abdi Warsame (Somali: Keynaan Cabdi Warsame, Arabic: قينان عبدي ورسمه‎ Keynān ‘Abdī Warsamah) in 1978,[2] is a Somali-Canadian poet, rapper, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist...

    *see African: Somali-Somalian of Somalia-Soomaaliya Outreach
    K'NAAN - Take A Minute

    K'Naan ABC's , from
    K'Naan - Wavin' Flag feat. Drake, Justin Bieber & Nikki Yanofsky 2010 Juno Awards Live 720p HD

    "K'Naan, Drake, Justin Bieber & Nikki Yanofsky - Wavin' Flag - 2010 Juno Awards Live 720p HD Please subscribe,rate and comment this video! Thanks!"
    Wavin' Flag with lyrics , from
    Wavin Flag (Coca Cola Spanish Celebration Mix) - K'Naan feat David Bisbal

    "Check out the new Spanish language remix of K'NAAN's "Wavin Flag" featuring Latin Grammy winner David Bisbal. More to come on the "Celebratino Mix" of this song! For the original album version and more from K'Naan, check out his site at:"
    *see African: South African of South Africa


    Persecution in Canada

    "A short film about the persecution Christians are facing in Canada "


    -Winter Olympics

    Vancouver BC Host of the 2010 Olympic Games

    Canadian TV Olympic Coverage
    NBC Olympics Video
    Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics preview, from

    -Bob Sledding

  • Olympian says there's 'no atheist at the top of a bobsled run' Team wins bronze in Olympic competition by Nicole McKay

  • "WHISTLER, British Columbia — Lyndon Rush knows his sport gives him plenty of opportunities to be vocal about his faith in Jesus Christ, and he wants to make the most of those chances. Rush’s team took the bronze medal missing the silver by 1/100th of a second in the Olympic four-man bobsled competition Feb. 27.
    "You know there's no atheist in a foxhole, right?" Rush asked. "There's no atheist at the top of a bobsled run, either."
    The Canadian bobsled driver, who is competing in his first Winter Olympics, takes advantage of the dangers in his sport, such as traveling at speeds in excess of 90 mph, to be a witness for Christ by praying with his teammates before their runs and by talking often about the Lord. He's found an openness to his spiritual leadership, even among teammates who don't profess to be Christians.
    "I've had atheists on my team and they have no problem talking to God before the run," Rush said. "Everybody likes it. Even the atheists, for instance, they like how it sets the tone. We all come together and I pray about things that they want, too. Maybe they're not in a period of their life where they believe in God, I guess. I don't know. I don't really believe in atheists."
    Rush may not believe in atheists (choosing instead to believe what Romans 1 says about all men knowing the truth but suppressing it in unrighteousness), but he does believe in his responsibility to share his faith with everyone, including atheists.
    "I pray about the prayer before the race," Rush said. "God, lead me to say the right things and maybe touch these guys. I really care for the guys that I slide with. My team, they're like brothers. We go on tour and we get to know each other real well. It's a great chance for me to share what I believe. I want those to be believers who I care about, right?"
    Rush grew up in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, and was raised in a Christian home. His conversion came at age 5 when he was playing golf with his dad.
    "We were just chatting like father and son do," Rush said. "He told me about the stuff that I'd already learned in Sunday School. And he asked, 'Have you ever asked Jesus into your heart?' We sat down on a little park bench there and I asked the Lord into my heart. It's sort of been a steady walk since."
    Rush played football for the University of Saskatchewan and was recruited as a bobsledder. On his first bobsled run, he started halfway down the track and remembers — pardon the pun — the rush he felt going at such high speeds. His first time down the entire track, he crashed.
    But that didn't diminish Rush's enthusiasm for the sport. Nor was it the last time Rush would wipe out. In fact, in the second heat of the two-man competition Feb. 20, after finishing third in the first heat, Rush crashed. Though he still crossed the finish line, his diminished time removed him from contention in that event.
    His love for bobsledding grew as Rush progressed as an athlete in the sport. His breakthrough performance came in November, when he won the World Cup season opener in Park City, Utah. But despite his success, the sport also has brought its share of challenges — most significantly, the time away from home, his wife and his two young daughters.
    "I really like bobsledding," Rush said. "I enjoy it a lot, but I hate how much we're gone. That's the worst part. Because my first responsibility is to be a husband and a father."
    He credits his church in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, with supporting his family while he's away, and having his parents live nearby helps as well. He also is thankful for technological developments such as Skype that allow him to visit with his family when he's gone. But it's still not the same as being there.
    "I can't deny that it's hard," Rush said. "I doubt that I'll probably be doing this next year, and that's the main reason."
    For now, though, bobsled is where Rush is, and his involvement with the sport has opened many doors for him to talk about Christ, especially to reporters from Canadian publications.
    "They think I'm kind of interesting," he said. "In Canada, we don't really have a Christian culture like you guys. In the States it's sort of cliché, I think. In Canada, they're so far away from a Christian culture that I think a lot of people find it interesting, and they ask me about it all the time."
    He's always happy to talk about his Lord and the ways in which he sees God working among his bobsledding teammates.
    "One of my guys at the beginning of the year told me that he's an atheist," Rush said. "By the end of the year, he's not an atheist anymore. He's not a believer yet, but he's coming around. I think it's more important than winning medals, to be honest with you."


    CANADA WINS HOCKEY GOLD 2010 Winter Olympics Part I

    -Ice Skating

    Chad Hedrick 2010 Olympian - Skating & Faith

    "Chad Hedrick 2006 Olympic Gold Medalist was interviewed by his pastor Troy Champ at Capital Church in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 23, 2010. His goal is to inspire people to put their faith in God and that anything is possible. No matter what your past is we do have a forgiving God! Check out to follow Chad as he participates in The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver - God Bless! Video by: Kelly Johnson of Capital Church"

    2010 olympic highlights

    "the official highlights of the 2010 vancouver winter olympics,check out updated version it has more highlights "

    Winter Olympics in February 2010, Vancouver, BC



    *met Mandy Lee from this city on Sunday, February 25th 2007
    -New Brunswick
    Government of N.B
    Tourism New Brunswick
    Toronto, the official city website
    Toronto Sun
    Toronto Films Festival


    Vancouver - Officially the best city in the World

    Vancouver From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    " a coastal city located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. It is named for British Captain George Vancouver, who explored the area in the 1790s. The name Vancouver itself originates from the Dutch "van Coevorden," denoting somebody from Coevorden, a city in the Netherlands.[..
    The largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, Vancouver ranks third largest in the country and the city proper ranks eighth.[3][4] According to the 2006 census Vancouver had a population of just over 578,000[1] and its Census Metropolitan Area exceeded 2.1 million people.[1] Its residents are ethnically and linguistically diverse; 52% do not speak English as their first language.
    Vancouver is well known as an urban centre surrounded by nature, making tourism its second largest industry.[10] It also is the third largest film production centre in North America after Los Angeles and New York City, earning it the nickname Hollywood North.

    The Bridge 350-1st Ave. NE; Medicine Hat, AB; T1A 4J4
    Vancouver Contact Tom (met at Hungry Horse Family Camp 02' in Montana!


  • Five Stones Church

  • "...started in Nov. 2003 when Pastor Rich Kao and his family, after pastoring for 12 years in Minneapolis, MN sensed a call to the West Coast to plant an international, multi-generational church. After weighing several key cities (LA, San Fran, Seattle, San Diego), with God’s leading, they decided to move to Vancouver because of it’s incredible diversity, cosmopolitan mix, and reputation as a gateway city to Asia. With wife Memie, and their four children, they made their move in July of 2003



    God Is Good Flash Mob - Vancouver, Canada - Inspirational Videos

    God Is Good Flash Mob - Vancouver, Canada from yabbadabbadoo on GodTube.

    "Canada shows their love for Jesus in a big way with this uplifting and powerful flash mob. Let every nation bow! Let every tongue proclaim the name of Jesus! SONG: Israel New Breed You Are Good"


    Artic Fire - Pentecost experience

    "Artic Fire - Pentecost experience a true story of pentecost in a native american / canadian community."
    *see Native Indian


  • Listen UP TV

  • *discovered this while watching TBN


    -Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, Canada

    " Beautiful Niagara Falls, view from the air and from the boat."

    Canada is becoming a cosmopolitan nation as it neighbors the "melting-pot" of America-especially in Toronto, where you can find a very diverse multicultural global population!



    Flight over Canada from Minnesota to Japan (stop over to Philippines)

    *click the picture above for more pics
    {Photos by}


    Ethiopian Christian Youth Group in Ottawa Canada part 2

    "Ethiopian Christian Youth Group in Ottawa Canada "

    Worship Music

  • Steve Kuban, who performed at a Filipino conference (see Hear & Obey) in Minnesota back in 2001

  • Steve Kuban "For The Lord Is My Tower"

    " "For The Lord Is My Tower" by Steve Kuban (TV studio version) from the DVD "Take Worship To The Nations"
    Related Sites:
    Steve Kuban Testimony-Pastor to Worship Leader

    ""Steve Kuban shares his personal story on how God prepared him to be a worship leader. He was in pastoral training as preparation for what God has plan for him in his life. This is just an example on how God is preparing each of us if we just submit to His will.."

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